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Besides my academic pursuits, I enjoy the following activities.

Capture the Flag

From time to time, I play CTFs with RPISEC. You can find me as dancwpark on IRC and Slack.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

I don’t play as much nowadays, but was almost obsessive about it during undergrad. I hosted and helped host multiple tournaments at Occidental College back in the day. I main Marth at the moment. I used to play Fox but stopped for my wrists/hands.

Ping me if you want to play (now that Slippi is out)! I’m horrible right now, but am back on the grind.

Brewing coffee

It might sound odd, but one of the best things I learned ever at an internship was how good coffee could be. It started with buying bad coffee in the morning before heading into the office… but grew to obsessing over the pourover process with a Chemex.

I currently brew using a V60 and grind my beans using a hand burr grinder.

Mechanical keyboards

I enjoy mechanical keyboards… looking up and comparing parts… and wishing I could join all the group buys for keycaps.

Right now, I am using:

I also use the following if I want different colors:

I also have a Ducky SF board with silent reds and have a CM Quickfire lying around somewhere.

I also like to keep track of my typing speed… for no reason. You can view some statistics I record here.