AUCTF2020 Miyazaki Trivia

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I participated in AUCTF 2020, which was hosted by Auburn University Ethical Hacking Club (AUECH). It was designed to be friendly towards new CTFers so I thought I’d take a crack at it over the weekend as part of a smooth transition. I made a team (something to do with coffee) of one and tried some challenges.

The first challenge that I tried (besides some fun trivia type questions) was Miyazaki Trivia, the first web challenge.

There are two things I should mention before I go into the write-up.

  • I used to hate web challenges (for no real reason).
  • I spent way too much time thinking the title was a hint at Miyazaki films… like My Neighbor Totoro…

Anyways! On to the pretty simple write-up.

Miyazaki Trivia

The web challenge pointed to a webiste (shocker). The site is no longer available but all the source code is available at AUEHC’s github page. All the page said was

Find this special file.

Looking at the page source, this is literally all it was.

After thinking for a bit, I remembered from however many years ago that this probably meant the robots.txt file. You can read more about robots.txt at this site.

I used wget to download the file.


Reading the file, I saw

- VIDEO GAME TRIVIA: What is the adage of Byrgenwerth scholars?

MAKE a GET request to this page with a header named ‘answer’ to submit your answer. -

My first thought was, Byrgenwerth does not sound like anything that would be in Totoro’s or Kiki’s universe. Luckily, I have a friend who is very much obsessed with Bloodborne. He told me that the adage is fear the old blood.

So with this knowledge, I crafted the GET request using telnet.

Doing this returned the flag and message!

Master Willem was right.auctf{f3ar_z_olD3_8l0dD}